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Webhook onChange event

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I have a status column and when i change it to Active, i want to send a webhook to Zapier URL instead of checking on data change (it’s not realtime). Is it possible to do that?

Thank you

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Hi @Ates - yes, you can do this with Airtable automations, something like:

When record matches conditions => Run a script

And the script would call the Zapier URL passing whatever data you need to be passed.

Arguably, you could achieve the same just within Zapier only, but I think Zapier still has some restrictions on how many times a record can trigger a Zap (only once), whereas Airtable automations will trigger every time a record meets the configured conditions.

And how can i check this “When record matches conditions => Run a script” and what script shall i call afterwards? Can you please help me?

Can someone help me with this please?