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6 - Interface Innovator


Every week I send data notifications out to my teachers with updated data from our other systems.  I have over 150 automations set up to do this because it appears that a "Weekly Digest" cannot function within conditional logic because you can only choose a trigger time related item. 

Does anyone know of a better way to do this that does not involve moving up to enterprise level?  I currently need eight different bases due to the 50 automation maximum per base.  Thanks ahead of time!


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Hmm, when you mention that a "Weekly Digest" cannot function within conditional logic, can you explain a bit more about the conditional logic you are trying to apply?  Once I understand why you need 150 automations I might be able to suggest an alternative

I currently send a data notification to each of our teachers solely with their data which comes from views.  I have to have a view for each teacher so they only see their data.  If I want to automate that, I create a trigger based on the day and time I want the notification to go out, and then I have to pull a digest of records for that teacher (based on views) and then send the digest as an email.  The conditional logic stops after the first run through regardless of the number of conditional groups afterwards.

Ah I see, thanks

Hmm, assuming you have a table that contains all your teachers, potentially you could:
1. Create an automation that triggers at the time you want the digest to go out
2. Has a "Find Record" action that will grab the list of all your teachers from the table
3. Add a Repeating Group action
  - In the Repeating Group action, have a Find Record action that will look for the relevant records for each teacher (i.e. the filters that you're currently using per view)
  - In this Repeating Group action, have the "Send email" action

Would this work do you think?