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Hello, everyone!
I need some help with automations.
Subject: there is a table with information on car insurance policies, in which, among other things, there are three columns with dates, as well as one column with the status of insurance. Three columns with dates - the dates on which you need to make contributions, i.e. make quarterly payments. The column with the status - everything is simple here: “active”, “inactive”, “will end soon” and “payment soon”. Accordingly, through automation, a certain number of days (21) before the onset of any of the three dates in the column, the status changes to “payment soon”. Then, I need to create a new record in a new table (called Insurance Tasks) through automation (only 1 new record, this is important!) In certain columns of which there would be several records (see screenshot). The problem is that when using the trigger “when the record meets the conditions” in the automation according to the insurance status condition (the trigger is triggered for each record with a status that matches the condition), we have not one task, but as many insurances have the “payment soon” status. I think screenshots will clarify the picture. I really hope for the help of the community!!


Source table with date and status information:
Status change automation to "payment soon":
photo_2021-03-30_21-38-17 (2)
Automation which creates new record in “Insurance tasks” table:
How should look table when automation is completed:
And how it looks in pratice - the number of new records in the table with tasks is the same as the number of records in the previous table with the “coming soon” status :
photo_2021-03-30_21-38-54 (2)

P.S. Do not pay attention to Russian in some screenshots, I just initially do everything in it)

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Hello and welcome to the Community @Mikalai_Shabunevich!

I’m just going to start off by saying I love your Airtable workflow. Thank you for the automations screenshots as well!

It’s a little tricky to determine if this is being caused by the two automations interacting with each other—or if the “When a record matches a condition” trigger for your create new record in “Insurance tasks” table Automation is firing too many times.

I have a recommendation for determining if the two automations are causing disruptions with each other. Instead of using the Status change automation to “payment soon” automation you could try using the below formula field(just for testing):

        DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{2nd payment}, 'days') > 21,
        DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{3rd payment}, 'days') > 21,
        DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{4th payment}, 'days') > 21
    "Payment soon"

Let me know how that goes, and please let me know if I can help provide any more information. If this helped answer your question please mark it as the solution :white_check_mark: .