When record matches condition doesn't work properly

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm having troubles with "When record matches conditions". I have 2 states which trigger the automation, but if my record is on the first state and I changed it to the second state the automation doesn't run. I'm pretty sure that this has worked to me before because I have used it several times, so if this is going to change for ever it will cause a lot of problems with my databases 😞

Anyone else has happened? Please, I need help!

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I think, it should work as you described, by design. If record triggered the automation, it can't do it again until condition became false. There are many ways to achieve your goal, including additional 'Modified time' column, additional checkbox column etc. 

I would choose from :

- duplicate automation, each for each state

- add 'transition state', something logically between your 2 states and turn record to this state during automation run