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A way to Manage Room Reservations

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I’m Trying to create a table to manage available Rooms so customers can schedule dates they want to come get our services only if there is a room available for them, the solution is for a small hotel that would like to manage their reservations using this platform, so they can provide customers with a link so the customer can schedule, is there a way to do this?

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My custom app Scheduler will let you do this, but only if the user has edit privileges in your table:

Scheduler is open-source and can be modified to open a webform with date fields filled in, but the modified version won’t be operable in shared views because it won’t be an “official” marketplace app. So one way or another, Custom Apps have to be used by Creator/Editors of a base at this time.

I’ll check it, do you have any examples of operation?

This video doesn’t show the most current UI, but the functionality is roughly the same: