Re: AirTable Find Record not finding record from Acuity Scheduling "Datetime Created" input

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4 - Data Explorer

I manage an online game company and players submit bookings through an Acuity widget on our website. Zapier monitors those Acuity event creations and pushes the records into an AirTable database. Players have a window of time in which they can reschedule their session (or I can reschedule their game upon request), but I’m having a problem getting Zapier’s feature to “Find Record” in Acuity Scheduling to find the old record and update AirTable accordingly.

AirTable has the following fields (all populated by Zapier):

  • “Game Date/Time” (formatted as Date) Not unique because I have several staff who can run games simultaneously.
  • “Date Booked” (formatted as Date, populated by Acuity’s “Datetime Created:” field in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss-0000 format) Not truly unique, but it will be very rare to have two game bookings come in at the same second, and even more rare to have two rebookings come in at the same second. I’m willing to use this as a unique record for the purpose of “Find Record”.
  • “Title Played” (formatted as Dropdown List) one of ~10 game titles we offer, not unique.
  • “Client Name” (formatted as Single Line Text) not unique.
    … and so on.

Zapier lets me trigger off of an Acuity Rescheduling event, but I need an AirTable “Find Record” in there, too. My draft Zap (which fails) runs like this:

  1. Acuity Scheduling, Appointment Rescheduled (then I drill down to my account, the relevant base, table, and view).
  2. AirTable, Find Record, (drill down to account, base, and table), then Search By Field: “Date Booked” and Search Value is Acuity’s “Datetime Created” also in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss-0000 format.

But when I Test and View that step, I get the “Bargle… Nothing could be found for the search” error.

The same Acuity Scheduling “Datetime Created” field is going into my “Date Booked” field in AirTable when the record is being created. Why can’t a Find Record find the same Acuity data in that field?

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This article explains how to construct Airtable searches in Zapier.

If you need to convert your date in Zapier into a different format, you can use Zapier’s formatter step.