Airtable Lookup Field not Sorting Automatically with relative Table Records

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4 - Data Explorer

Hallo community,

I have two tables: "Bestellungen", "Bestellung Positionen".

Table "Bestellungen" has 3 Lookup fields "Artikelnummern", "Anzahl", "Einzelpreis". So the values will be not correct sorted like in a table "Bestellung Position".

I think, it is a big bug in Airtable.

P. S. If it is not possible to sort automatically in "Bestellungen" table, how should I sort it in relative table "Bestellung Positionen", which filter should I use. I know how to sort Table "Bestellung Positionen" by a field with a type "Created time", then the result with be ok, but I still need an option to order it how I want... And table "Bestellungen" should automatically bring me the same order.

Thanks in advance.


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