Airtable to replace Spreadsheet

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have multiple users running different test cases and entering test results (pass, fail, incomplete) in a spreadsheet.

There are several test categories and numerous test cases under each one. I need to capture pass/fail/incomplete at the test case level.

I would also like to capture the user/company conducting the test as well as which device they are testing.

Multiple user/companies can test the same device.

I would like to capture all of this information into airtable database to aggregate the results and enable consolidated reporting.

I would also like to setup notification triggers (email or chat) when a test is completed and data is entered.

Is this Possible in Airtable and if yes Please help me.

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Hi there! Yes, this is definitely possible. Maybe you can start in Airtable and share screenshots and a detailed explanation of where you get stuck?