are Synched records remembered for a while?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there! I use a synched base to manage active students

If a student drops out of a course, they are labeled as ex-students, which lead to them being de-synced. They may return a few weeks before, taking another course. Marked as a student again, they are synced again. I realized that Airtable remembers the fields of this record in the synched table and automatically reruns teh automations, resulting in some failures.

Can someone tell me how to avoid this airtable function!?

I hope I have explained this properly. Sorry for my english!



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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Hmm, so you're saying:
1. Record 1 has a field with the value "A" in it and syncs to your main base
2. It de-syncs and at some point is updated to have value "B"
3. It meets the conditions for the sync again and syncs back to your main base, and when it syncs over it still has the value "A" (causing the automation to trigger), and then updates itself to have the value "B"

Is that right? 

Thanks! But, Not exactly. I will refer to records as leads

1- Lead 1, has a status field with the value "STUDENT" in the main base and it synchs to the base "current courses". In current courses base, Lead 1 has several chechbox fields. When a checkbox field is selected, an automation sends an email

2. Lead 1 changes its status to "EX-STUDENT" so it is de-synch from base "current courses"

3. Lead 1 returns its status to "STUDENT" so it is synched again to the base current courses. Airtable has any kind of backup memory and the lead appears in the current courses base with all the checkbox already selected and the autamation runs again


Hope it is more clear


Oh wow that's super interesting!  I would highly suggest opening a support ticket to get confirmation that that's intended. 

In the meantime, and you've probably already done this actually, but perhaps you could make your automation uncheck the checkbox once the email's sent?  That way when the record reappears it won't trigger the automation again?