Automatically fill in fields from another table based on a response

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4 - Data Explorer

I would like to use AirTable to keep track of reimbursements for a group of employees.

I would like to include all the employee names, address, preferences for receiving their reimbursements on one table.

On the second table I would like to keep the records for each submission they make, but autofill some fields from the first table.

e.g. When John Smith submits a form (record for table 2), once they fill in their name, their preferences autopopulate into table 2 as part of their submission.

Key is that each employee will make multiple submissions through the year. I need a separate record of each submission.

What complicates this is that there is a maximum amount they can submit for the year and thus I would like to keep a running total of their amount submitted on Table 1.

For example if John Smith has a maximum reimbursement amount of $2000 per year and submits for $750 in March, I’d love to have a column in Table 1 that shows that they have $1250 remaining. And then in July when they go to submit a second submission, they can see that they now have $1250 left for the year. When they put in the second amount, that amount goes lower and never lets them submit more than 2000.

Any ideas?

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Hi Carolyn, sounds pretty straightforward :slightly_smiling_face:

Basically you have an employees table and a submissions table. The submissions table is linked to the employees table and your employees will be able to select their own name when filling out the form. You can then look up values permanently stored in the employees table.

In order to show the running total, please have a look at Rollup fields.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any question!