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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi! I'm a flower farmer, trying to teach myself Airtable.

I wanted to keep track of my tulips from year to year and set up a base. I need suggestions on how to organize this better!  Each type of tulip might have a different harvest date from year to year, and its possible I might buy it from a different source from year to year. Maybe I like one company's bulb over another, etc.   I think I'll add a price per bulb as well, which will change from year to year.   

Should I set up a new table for every year and then bring that data together? What makes the most sense?  My main goal is to be able to see the big picture of different bulbs to help me decide what to order in the future.  Any advice is super helpful for this newbie!!


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Hmm, if I were you I think I'd have a table of tulips that contained all the tulip details (vendor, type etc) and a table of harvests, and I'd link them together so that each record in the "Harvests" table represented a single year linked to a single record from "Tulips".  That way you'd be able to add the price per bulb on a per year basis

May I know what's the difference between the data in "Tulip Master List" and "Tulip Details"?  This is a really interesting use case!

Ah! Thank you so much! I will try rearranging my data.  I was having trouble wrapping my head around how to do this in a way that made sense. So in the 'harvests' table, I can add any data relevant to that year- like price or how that tulip performed, right?

I made this last year and I think my purpose in making the two tables was to create a nice kanban view with the pictures.  I was just playing around.  I'm a bit better at working in the dirt than behind a screen. 🙂  So I appreciate the help!

When I rearrange, I'll post!



re: So in the 'harvests' table, I can add any data relevant to that year- like price or how that tulip performed, right?

Yeap that's right!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Busy harvesting actual tulips over here but had a chance to work on this.  I'd be interested to hear what you think.  My main reason for this base is to help me place bulb orders in the future... so I can easily see which tulips performed well and also to time harvests for good flower holidays (like Easter).  So in that regard, do you see anything else that might be helpful in configuring this?  I was thinking of adding a column in Tulip Master List that would give the average harvest or average star rating. (Sometimes I've ordered the same tulip and it performs differently ) Is that possible?  Thanks!

Yeap, that's possible!  Once you link the "Harvests" record to the appropriate tulip in "Tulip Master List", you can then add a rollup field to then display those averages

Timing the harvests is an interesting one.  You could definitely get the average amount of time to harvest with the setup you have, but you'd need to create a "Date" field in "Tulip Master List" and call it like, "Harvest goal date" or something.  The workflow would then be:
1. You have a goal date for a harvest
2. You go to "Tulip Master Date" and you place that goal date into the "Harvest goal date" for all the records in the table
3. There'll be a formula field that calculates the "Harvest goal date" value minus the average harvest duration to give you the approximate date you'd need to start planting based on that harvest goal date

And you'd need to clear the "Harvest goal date" value every time, does that make sense?

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thank you again so much for your time for this newbie!!  I really appreciate it! Yes, I forgot about the rollup field... I'll play with that!  And I think I understand what you are saying with the goal date... I'll have to play around with that.  I appreciate you so much!