Re: Base Syncs best practice - View for each sync or all under one?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey guys!

Quick question on best practices for Base sync, I currently have multiple views for each base sync but wondering if it's better to have all syncs under one view.

Base Clients pulling from table Companies has separate views to sync to Internal Department Base 1, 2, and 3 (SYNC - Department 1, SYNC - Department 2, etc).

I have done it this way to be able to quickly view where the synced data is going, but often I find I am syncing the same exact data. So is it better to have all the same data syncs pulling from one view?

Our airtable performance speed has also started slowing down and I'm wondering if this is a way to help speed things back up.


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If all the syncs will always need all the records and all the fields, you might as well use the same synced view for all of them. 

However, if some syncs need a different subset of records, or a different subset of fields, you will need to use different views.

Syncing in fewer records is way to improve performance, but it can be difficult to determine whether or not syncing fewer records will have a noticeable effect on base speed. Many, many factors impact base speed, including how many records are in the current view, how many records are in the current table, the formulas in the base (especially if you have lots of records in a table that uses the NOW() function), how recently the base was opened, how many users are using the base, web API activity, scripting activity, how Airtable's servers are functioning, etc.