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Base with date from multiple bases

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I would like to create a new base with data extracted from other bases.
Do you know if it is possible ?
Thank you for your answers !

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Hi Maria, and welcome to the community.

I think there are many ways to do this:

  1. Zapier/Integromat recipes
  2. Script Block (or action script)
  3. API service

The first option is a no-code solution so I would pay a visit to Integromat and Zapier to see if you like those approaches.

Can you explain what you mean that you would like to create a new base with data extracted from other bases?

Is this just a one-time-only thing where you just want to export some data out of your old bases, and bring that data into your new base?

If so, you can export the data out of your old bases as CSV files, and then import your CSV files into your new base using the CSV import block.

Otherwise, if this is more of an ongoing thing that would be happening on a regular basis, then as Bill suggested above, you would want to automate this process with Integromat or Zapier.