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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am trying to setup an airtable database that would help us handle our orders and stock efficiently.

We sell furniture on shopify, so from shopify we get a CSV with lineitems sales that looks like this (first column is the order number, 2nd column the item name, 3rd the quantity purchased):
1157 // item #1 // 3
1157 // item#2 // 1
1157 // item#3 // 4
1158 // item#2 // 2

Now our issue is that each of these items sold are actually composed of several physical “objects”. For example a shelf may come with 4 screws and a torx wrench.
And we would like to be able to display for each order, exactly a checklist of all physical objects to be put in the package for the customer.

So We created a table product items (what can be purchased on our website) and a table physical objects (what the product items are composed of). one item is generally composed of multiple physical objects, and one physical object can be part of multiple items so that would be a many to many relationship.
But it seems that when I try to create a linked field between items and object, I can only have one of each object type per item. Is that correct ?

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