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Resolved! Restricting selection of members belonging to a business division

HiI have a list of business divisions (business divisions table) within an organization like, 'Large Projects', 'Innovation', 'Small Projects', 'Government Projects' etc.There is a employee master (employees table) where in each employee is mapped ag...

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Sri1 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Google Calendar Synch to add Invitees

Hi All -  I'm trying to get a better understanding of the Google Calendar Table Synch. Goal: Add attendees one by one to a Google calendar event as they RSVP through a front-end system that uses Airtable as the backend. Current setup: Events Table th...

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Multiple Bases and Multi-Syncs

Hello, Our Marketing team uses Airtable to manage tasks and campaigns across functions. These bases sync to a single base that marketers can use to view all their tasks across different bases. My question is: can we manage and process these tasks fro...

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Look Up Records

I have a look up field set up with a condition, but i want multiple records that meet the same condition to also populate.  how do i do this?

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rollup count values

I have 2 tables where I am trying to count the number of times project date changed. Table 1     ID Project Name Created DateChange Code  1Project 13/2/2022Project Date Change 2Project 23/2/2022Project Date Change 3Project 33/2/2022Project Date Chang...

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Display changes: Timeline

Hi, A few days ago, the display of the timeline records has changed. While previously the details of the records were limited to the strip of the entry, now they go beyond that (see screenshots). The timeline thus loses a lot of clarity, which is ess...

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Resolved! Adding a Date

So, I'm trying to add a day to the columns, but I need it to add exponentially... if you know what I mean.  It would be nice if we could click and drag like in sheets with this stuff. 

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Airtable as CRM for cleaning business

I'm putting together a website/CRM/internet stuff for a window cleaning business. I've looked at Jobber and it seems to offer everything we need but at $100+ per month it's pretty expensive. I tried kickserv which is about half the price for the feat...

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Resolved! Export view as .txt based on a template

Hello,I'm trying to find a way to be able to export a view in a .txt file based on a template.Example view:Template would be like:Hello {Name} {Lastname}, you are a {Age} {Gender}So the .txt file would look like:Hello Martin Shelvi, you are a 22 Male...

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Unknow Issue with Multiselect Field

I have a weird issue that I cannot find more information on. This is popping every time I try to input new option to my multiselect field. I do not believe I reached number limit (I'm on pro subscription). Appreciate if anyone know what this is  Erro...

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Primary field of Email vs. Full Name

@WilliamPorter thank you both for your answers. I guess my question here is pros and cons of email vs. Full name as Primary fields. At first i had emails, which is very useful as i tend to link my calendar instances using "attendees" field which then...

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Resolved! Multi-field lookup with dependencies

My first community post...In a table Results I have a structure like this:Category field selects from another tableProcess field also selects from another tablePressures field selects from a third tableEach row of Results has a unique combination of ...

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Gallery view : font size, web links

Hi to all.Happy to report that when I asked ChatGPT for an app that will display reactive table views that will adapt to the display size, it suggested AirTable.So I prepared a gallery view with info that I want to share with my co-workers ( i work i...

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