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Sorting and filtering with feet and inches

Hey,I have a base where I am storing the height of people, I would like to store the height in feet and inches.I also need to sort and filter by this field as well.I found 4 options that I can do:- I can store it as a string, but then I cant really s...

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Create a Quarterly Table from several monthly tables

Hello,I have a base where I keep track of projects and their status (in production, review, completed) organized in months. So, my tables look like: Jan 2024, Feb 2024, and so on.For monthly reports, I just grab information from a table (ex, Jan 2024...

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Connecting 'Booked calls' and 'CRM'

I have two tables: 'Booked calls' and then 'CRM'.We are an agency that books calls on behalf of our clients. My booked calls are captured by webhook and linked to various other tables with KPIs. But now I want to build a CRM table for different clien...

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Resolved! how to auto assign tasks according to a single select field

Hi Airtable Community,  is there a way to auto assign tasks according to a single select field. I have a single select with multible Teams (CRM, Website, Social Media etc.). I want a new record to be auto assigned to the team lead of the team from th...

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Timezone problem

Time zones are difficult to handle within AirTable. Here is an example that gives me a headache. I have a table (let's call this table Calendar) in which there is, among other things, a Date Field associated with an event occurring at a Location. Str...

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