Best Practices for External Form Data into Tables?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a customer CRM base, and a Contacts table for all contacts.
There are a handful of forms I’m using (hubspot, google forms, FB ads, etc) to collect new leads/contacts.
Do you find it better/cleaner/more useful to Zapier that data directly into Contacts, or to use another table to collect form responses and link relevant data back to contacts?

A separate table feels cleaner, but I’m learning more and more to reduce tabes and use views.

Thoughts + reasonings?

Thx in advance all!


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Views all the way, filtering is one of the best things about having a powerful relational database. Performance shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re big on looking at 25k records Across 500 fields at once lol. What ‘feels’ clean is beside any point bar, perhaps, a semantics debate. The client doesn’t care, the infrastructure doesn’t ‘care’, so it sounds like you’re just making life more complicated for yourself for real reason (in this highly specific instance that you describe).