Best structure to create a multi-level rating base?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am quite new to Airtable but have played around and created my first working bases for a local youth sports club I am supporting probono but are now struggeling with this project.

I am am trying to build a base that would allow me to rate a subject (organized in subject groups) based on several Main and underlying Sub criterias.
So each subject group will have at least 2-4 "MainSkill"  and each "MainSkill" will have underlying multiple "SubSkills" assigned to the overlying "MainSkill"

Each subject out of this group can then be rated on all his MainSkills and all Subskills.
I am struggeling with the way how to get that organized correctly and have not found any template to copy from.  The rating of each of those skills for a subject should be changeable via a form.

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