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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

This is a pretty complicated framework/workflow question and I wouldn’t be surprised that it would make things pretty tricky.

My company has a base with three tables used to track our clients. One for regular recertifications, one for interim recertifications, and one for new clients/moving clients.

Clients that fail to meet the needs by the deadline to complete any one of the 3 tables uses have a single selection field where the staff person may mark the “Finalization” status as “Termination” with an accompanying date field with the sent date marking when the “Termination” letter was sent.

Another team in my company handles the termination appeals and/or Termination “ends” (fully deleting a client’s record from the program.

There are also several other Termination reasons that are processed that fall outside of the 3 tables in my base.

It would be great if when staff mark termination in any of the three tables, that in another base or table, a record would be created synced to this record where the next team will monitor and process any appeal of finalizing a client’s termination.

Think of it as the terminated clients are funneled into a collective table that is constantly linked to the original tables.

What I am struggling with is the framework. How do I automate or design the architecture of this without making extra data entry work.

There are too many scenarios for termination to have separate tables for each.

I would like the two teams to be able to communicate via the AirTable on a record but from separate tables. Two way syncing.

But I don’t want the second team to be monitoring a bunch of separate termination record lists, it is a small team and I would rather they can track these records and manipulate the data without jumping tables and bases.

The issue right now is that staff get appeal letters for terminations but they don’t promptly notify the other team.

What would be people’s suggested solutions?

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Hi there! With the risk of not having fully understood the issue: How about creating a 4th table, in which records get created automatically when a record has been marked as “Termination”? The team handling those cases would then only work in that table (but is able to see the other tables as well).