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8 - Airtable Astronomer

How can I configure the calendar or Gannt block to show each assigned team for a project if they share the same job#?


I need to allow each assigned team member to see their schedule -

The calendar shows the record number which is only internally used and links the project under both - and the lack of information shown on the calendar doesn’t provide other users with any information on the project.


The Gannt block shows pretty much the same thing in minimal information.

Ideally - I’m looking for a way to have each user (4G and Apex) see more details such as:

Is any of this possible?

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Currently the calendar and Gantt block only display what’s in the primary field. Your best bet is to modify the formula in the primary field to show as much detail as you would like to see in either place.

As for the division of users in Gantt, that chart design relies on a collection of records that are connected to each other with related dates and times. To pull that off, you might need to use a junction table to assign each user to the job in a separate record, instead of linking them all directly in the job record as you’re currently doing.

Thanks for explaining Justin. If I went the route of a junction table for each user, I would have 30+ tables. As for the primary fields, I don’t mind doing this if its the only option, but anytime I’ve tested a database setup with primary fields containing multiple lines of information it makes for a mess when linking.

I think you’re misunderstanding the purpose of a junction table. It’s not meant to be just for a single user (or other item). It’s meant to connect tables by linking to other records. The idea I had behind my suggestion was to build a single junction table where one field would link to a user, and another would link to a project. You could then use lookup and rollup fields to pull in relevant details about either one, creating a unique space to organize specific information related to each user-job combo. This would be especially useful for Gantt charts, because they rely on separate records.

Here’s more info about junction tables and the benefits they can provide:

OK, I definitely read this wrong then. I do have junction tables (I think, as it seems more linking than junction, idk) But the records from our main table with all the project details do not allow for the separation of the projects. So, I stepped outside the box and went to the client table, that is linked to the work table, and created a Gannt and Calendar view. This works to separate each as each project is connected to the different client. In order to have the client see the work schedule I will need to create a separate view for each? Or when internal teams are checking/verifying the schedule we would look under client instead of the project table?
Simplicity isn’t my strong suit - my tendency to over complicate things is a downfall, for sure.

I can’t say for sure without knowing a lot more about the design of your base. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m not sure that simply having you describe the details would be sufficient for me to a) understand the current design, and b) know what recommendations to make to achieve what you want. The more complex the setup becomes, the more I need to get my eyes on it directly to get a clear picture of all the pieces and their relationships. PM me directly and we can discuss some possible options.