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4 - Data Explorer


My company builds complex machines with many parts. A lot of these parts, I need to buy and keep track of delivery dates and whether or not the item has been deliverd.

What is the best way to set up an airtable to show all the delivery dates for all items across all my projects?
If possible in one interface?

Lets say I have three projects running. I need to be able to quickly manually add products to any of these projects and see all delivery dates in one calender so I have an overview. But I also need to see each project seperatly


Do I create seperate tables for all these projects? (this may lead to many tables)

Best practises here?

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You should rarely, if ever, have separate tables for similar entities. So all your Projects should be in one Projects table. That is a fundamental starting point.

It sounds like you might need a catalogue or inventory table for all of the parts you might order. 

And then probably a third table for Part Orders. This would be a record for each individual part you have ordered. It would be linked to the Parts Catalogue and the Project. Delivery Dates would be stored here.

                        Projects table                                                     Parts Catalogue table



                                                               Parts Orders table

That is likely the way your Base should be structured. Questions about how best to set up Interfaces and Views will come after you have created the structure correctly.