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Can anyone help me understand this?

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I assume this question will be too dumb but just out of curiosity

I am interested in knowing what changes this toggling will make to Zapier while sending data to Airtable?

I have 3 values to be sent to airtable via zapier

If i insert them as 123,456,789 in zap field, will this all be added into one record if we toggle this on?

And if we toggle this off will the data will be sent to three different records?

Is that what is intended with this?

Thanks in advance🙏

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if im understanding your question right; if that toggle is off it will come in as one record titled “123,456,789” and if it is toggled on in theory they SHOULD come in as 3 records titled “123”, “456”, & “789”. i dont know if it will be true in practice but just as a description for how one to many and one to one relationships behave in airtable and that little switch. you may need to play around with the syntax a little bit to see exactly how zapier wants you to communicate thats what you want to happen.

Thanks for responding @Rebecca_Elam I’m actually looking for a way to add records via linked list such that
One table record will have the values in a single cell separated by commas and in the other table, this should each create a new record with their lookup values and other values.

My current Airtable setup doesn’t get this right and instead in both of the tables, these are all laid in a single cell separated by commas.

Any hints/guidance on this?

I guess this should be achievable by webhook as for now. But let me know if there is a workaround in airtable that i might be missing

Never mind, this solution from Zapier community worked like a charm