Can I bulk-add labels?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

I’m very new to Airtable, so apologies if my terminology is off here! I want to know if I can bulk-add labels in a field to a portion of my records.

To illustrate, say I have a table full of details about an array of organisations. I want to record which of these orgs take part in a variety of different activities (each of which are detailed on another table).

The best way I can see to do it is to create a field in the orgs table that links to multiple records in the appeals table. We can then, one by one, choose which activities each org took part in.

But must I then go down the list of hundreds of orgs and choose individually which activities they took part in (hence giving each of them a “label” for that activity on the orgs table)? Or, for each activity in the activities table, go in and choose from hundreds of orgs and add them all individually? Or is there a way to add a specific activity to a bunch of orgs at once?

I notice that you can drag a populated cell down and populate the rest of that column that way, but in this case I don’t think that applies as each record will need to have different info in it (they’ll all take part in a variety of different activities, so each will need a slightly different set of labels).

I hope that this makes sense - and thank you!

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