Checking if a record exists and displays a simple message

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have 2 different bases, extensions and 10 day. 
I want in the 10 day base to have a field that can check and see if that record also exsists in the extensions base. If it does it says exsists or doesn’t exsist. 
‘is this at all possible?

is there an easier way to achieve this?

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Hmm, you'd need to use an automation tool like Zapier or Make to do the check for you, and then based on that result update the field in 10 day I think

Dang. I had a feeling I might need to I use Zapier. I don’t have it and my organization most likely won’t pay for that. And the free tier wont be enough. I will try to maybe come up with a script that will do it, when I have time to actually write it out. 

Hmm....are you alright with syncing the entire relevant table from the Extensions base into the 10day base?  If so, you could use automations in the 10day base that'll do the checks for you?