Counting of values from other table based on conditional value

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Base Situation

  • I got a table a containing a list of visits.
    • Date, Location, add. Information
  • Within another table b I am tracking daily stats
    • Date, sum of hours invested, count of visits


  • How to generate "count of visits" in table b, counting up all the entries of table a, that have the same CREATED AT as the date in table b?

Thank you all upfront.

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With reference to your other thread, it seems likely that Table A and Table B are already linked.  If so, you could accomplish this with a `Count` field

If they're not linked, and you're only tracking the date and not date time, then create a linked field between the two, and make an automation that will paste the date value from Table A into the linked field, then use a count field