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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have no idea how to design this aspect so I will just spell out what needs to happen. I will be working off of the free version for now.
Ultimate goal is to create a database to hold all my subcontractors information. Contact information, skill set with level of proficiency and program knowledge with proficiency level.

i.e. Collaborator John Smith will look up one interface screen and see all his contact information and his chosen skill set and programs. Another interface will be available for each collaborator to look up a skill set or program and receive a result of the name, email address, skills and programs of all collaborators that match that criteria. It is ok if this result is just pulled up in a filter table.

I am having a problem designing the base to collect the skill set and program information the correct way.
Example of what I need to capture

  • 1st table has Collaborator name and contact info.
    Skill set will include information such as:
    Bookkeeping - Excellent
    Proofreading - Good

Programs will include information such as:
MS Word - Expert
MS Publisher - Intermediate
FaceBook ad management - Beginner
Google Slides - Willing to learn

Each collaborator should have an unlimited amount of skills and programs that they can choose, they will choose from Option A first and then choose Option B. Obviously, these options will change for every collaborator so I need one spot to list the options controlled by me (they cannot add to or change the options), but then the matched data needs to be recorded somewhere and associated to that collaborator.

I hope I explained this thoroughly enough.

Appreciate any help

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