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4 - Data Explorer

I have an inventory list in table A where the primary key is a unique SKU generated by us. The SKU is a concatenation of the items’ original SKU,Size,Condition,Location,and a unique number.

I.E: FY7755/8.5/NWB/S41/C-007294

In this table I have a field that is generated by concatenation the SKU and Size

I.E FY7755/8.5

In my inventory I may have +2 instances of FY7755/8.5 because the cost of the goods may have been different.

In the new table I want the primary key to be all the unique SKU/Size values from table A. I need the SKU/Size value because that is how our marketplace platforms generate reports.

Since the SKU/Size information will be changing often, due to sales, I cannot copy and paste the information. It must be linked the the inventory shown in table A.

I am currently seeing if migrating from google sheets to a database would be a viable option. I can currently do this process in the spreadsheets using a =unique(Table:Range) formula.

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You should use automations to auto-link new or changed records depending on how they are changed.
I would create at least three of them:

  1. when record created in A, find where to link it in table B and link, also fill some checkbox (for the case when found nothing)
  2. if record in A matches condition (checkbox filled, but link field is empty), create new record in B, and link A to it
  3. (for deleting records in A)): if record in B matches condition “link is empty” then delete record in B (that means all “child” records in A were deleted.

Hey Nathan,

Our On2Air Actions app has a UNIQUE Arrays function that might help.


Actions also has lots of other useful functions that work with Airtable.

You can try it out here to see if it fits your needs

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable