Design a complicated event management database

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Friends

I’m wondering how to design these kinds of table

  1. Manage Event Employees, Salary and Event Profit
  • I have many events (with event information: date/vendors/…)
  • I have many employees to organize events (with employee information: name, phone, email, …)
  • I want to connect many events to many employees (1 employee can do many events and 1 event can have many employees)
  • I want to calculate result & effect of each event so I have to set below information:
  • Salary of each employee in each event (and the opposite, In employee table we can view the employee salary from the past events and the total income they got )
    • Other Expense in each event
    • Then have total expense in each event
    • Income in each event
    • Then I have profit in each event
  • Feedback of customers in each event
  • Rating of customers in each event (can take from online form and take average rating)
  • and other information

2. Note the status of availability of imployee in each event

  • In each event preparation process, we may call/email employee to assign task, but not all of them available or we may want to deliver particular tasks, so I want to note their status in each event, for example
    • Event 1:
      – John: unavailable
      – Peter: waiting
      – Mary: head of human resource …
    • Event 2:
      – Mary: unavailable
      – Jimmy: marketing …

3. Calculate Employee behavior in each events

  • 1 Event have many employees
  • Each employee I want to evaluate the behavior, ability, skills, result, … and then take average rating … (and add value from online form)
  • Then I have average rating of employee in each event
  • Then I can have avarage rating of employee in all events in month, year, … (and in specific field: behavior, skills, …)

I see it’s complicated so I hope you can suggest me some Ideas

Thank you all in advance !!!

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