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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have been working on a base design for some times but I am missing a feature and was wondering if someone here could help me.

Goal of the base : Be able to assign employee to a certain project for each day of the week by dragging and dropping their name on the calendar.


What I have accomplished so fare : I have three table

Table 1 = Workers / employees

Table 2 = List of projects

Table 3 Junction table to join the workers table and the projects table together

In the junction table, I have linked record for workers and for project as well as a date field. Those are the 3 main field I need. Then each record is a formula of those 3 fields which means they are all unique unless a worker works on the same project for the same day (duplicate) which should not happen.


Then I use the timeline view in the junction table to view all the employees working on specific projects and on specific dates. The view is exactly what I need. The feature I am missing right now is from the record picker and the right of the timeline. I would like the record picket to be the list of employees and when I drag the employee on a certain date and project. It creates the record in the junction table from that information.


Is it possible to change the record picker on the right to be a linked record field from the table instead of each individual record from that table?

It would be even better if the record picket could dynamically filters based on the day selected on the timeline view. If a specific day is currently selected, show only the employees that are not working on that day.

Thanks in advance.



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You could try messing around with the Kanban view. That has a better drag-and-drop system. You'll have to see if you can build a way to do it on a date basis.