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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am in a pickle and would like to know how to achieve the following

Context: I am creating a table with contract details as both an internal database and also as a database that external contractors can use to check specific contract details based on the serial number of a hardware in the contract.

Problem faced: I cannot figure out how to allow external contractors to search based on serial number without also allowing them full view of the entire database. I have tried using Interface for it but the vertical format it displays the results in, isn’t ideal as I require the results to be shown in a “table format” (horizontal)

How can I achieve this?

Thank you

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Welcome to the community, @ARCO_Singapore!

Interfaces are only for use with internal collaborators.

If your contractors are using desktops or laptops, you could share a view with them, and they can search the view:

However, note that shared views do not work properly on mobile devices because they are missing the search function and many other functions. This is one of Airtable’s biggest flaws.

If you need a mobile shared view that they can search, you would need to pay extra for an external service to do this for you, such as MiniExtensions:

Alternatively, you could build your own custom website using Javascript code that accesses Airtable’s API to enable your contractors to search your base.