FileStack file picking service for Attachments - I wish for better

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Not that it doesn’t work but it’s kind of a limited solution seems to me… that file stack or file stacker i don’t remember. It’s showing as service connecting to my Dropbox google drive etc and airtable and It’s for attaching pics or files directly to airtable. Yeh, it works but here are two issues I have :

  1. Dropbox doesn’t work for any other folder than the public folder. I sent support request so I’ll update here once I see what they say. Google drive and others is ok.

  2. I know the topic of downloading attachments has been beaten to ground here already so I’m not going to repeat.

But this is now related to that integration to google drive and Dropbox etc. It is only works one way - uploading attachments to Airtable from Dropbox etc…

If downloading multiple attachments to the mobile device doesn’t work - I guess it not even possible, but uploading them to Dropbox or google drive etc would be just the solution to fix the problem.

Perhaps (and I hope) Airtabke is working on adding additional integrations for Automations and perhaps we may see a full integration of google drive and Dropbox available for Automations as well as for batch file uploads and downloads.

Maybe wishful thinking but … if anybody things it’s a good idea, please post your thoughts.


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