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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am an Airtable newbie but familiar with database design in general. I am struggling with a relatively simple design that would be relatively easy in SQL design.

I am building a relatively basic CRM system. Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities (there are other tables but that isn’t relevant).

Obviously, multiple Contacts are associated with one Account. Multiple Opportunities are associated with one Account. Each Opportunity has only one Contact owner and that Contact works for that Account.

Create New Opportunity. Link the Account and the list of Accounts comes up - select one of them. Add Opportunity Owner by hitting the plus symbol and every Contact in Contacts is presented, not just the Contacts associated with the Account.

I am surely doing something incorrectly. How do I get the second Linked field to be filtered by the first Linked field?

Thank you for helping a newbie out.

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