Filtering a table using another table selection

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4 - Data Explorer

Sorry for the very open and vague question guys.
I am making my way across from MS Access, so am pretty aware of the structure I need for my setup, but am struggling to implement what I need.

Essentially I am running 3 tables in a parent>child setup as follows: “Client>Invoice>components” Obviously the first two are straight forward, the components table holds activity booking information, notes, start times and such.

I have tried the idea of grouping based on invoice and client(this would be satisfactory), it works fine with invoice, but can’t filter by client as referencing a client control through the invoice table means that I can not then create new components.

I am looking for a way whereby I can have a table view on components somehow controlled by a selection in invoice, and was hoping someone out there may be able to point me in a direction. Maybe auto filling the invoice control on the components table is a possibility? Just throwing a starting block out there.

I hope this all makes sense. I’ve attached a image of the access database I have been using as a visual aid. Sorry it’s not the best explanation.

Access screenshot

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I’m afraid that the ability to build a user interface in Airtable is much more difficult than in Access. Access has many built in tools for building a user interface with linked subforms. However, Airtable does not have anything equivalent to an Access subform. It is possible to build complex user interfaces with a custom app; however, that is a much, much larger undertaking than building an Access form with a sub-form.