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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I tried to find the answer on the community forum but couldn’t.

My objective is to follow a large number of marketing campaigns. And to create a view comparing which one makes the more money.

Some are PPC, some are Email, some are phone campaigns …

Each of them has his own KPI

  • PPC : traffic / captures / Sales

  • Emails : send / clic / demo / sales

  • Phone : dial / reach / demo

My idea is to create 1 table per campaign.

On the campaign tables, each row is a week…
Each field of the campaigns table will be specific to the campaign.
And at the end of the raw would be entered the total sale per week.
That’s the only field that can be compared in between all tables.

I am trying to create a summary table. This would be the synthesis of all sales, to understand which campaigns are performing the most.

My idea is to create a field « Sales » in the synthesis table. For each campaign (so each raw) that would automatically be filled in by the total sales of the week (or even better, of a defined period of time)imported directly from each campaign table.

So I have
PPC : 1000 => this being imported from the PPC table, Sales field
Email : 10000 => this being imported from the Email table, Sales field
Phone : 500=> this being imported from the Phone table, Sales field
etc etc

I can easily do this on Xls or GG Sheet…. but am a beginner on Airtable and can’t find how to.

Can anyone help me ?

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Hi @Nicolas_Bombourg,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

It is better to have all the data in one table and add a Single Select field where you specify the campaign type. Then you can create a graph for each campaign over time.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you @Mohamed_Swellam,
I thought about it but as the field (KPI) describing each campaigns differs, I have several empty fields, it’s not ideal.
I was wondering is there is a way to enter a formula in a field, and link this formula to another table.
But I can’t understand how to link a record to a table.
Can you help me ?

Hi @Nicolas_Bombourg,

You cannot link a formula to another table directly. You can however use Lookup and Linked Fields to do so.

Id be happy to help you. Send me screenshots or contact me on my email.