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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


  • I am a tabletop game designer.
  • I am designing a game with many "units" that consist of 15 data points each (Name, attack value, etc).
  • I am currently using Google Sheets, but one field of the data points (Ability) is in long form with bold, italics, etc and is very hard to read/edit natively.


  • Is there a way to use Airtable to have a data set which you can pull up via a Form that allows you to search/find any of the data sets (by 'Name' preferably) and edit the content which updates the database?
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Heya, I’ve been working on an Airtable base with the primary purpose of object design for game development - with a field that returns JSON for use in languages (of which I dabble with GameMaker Studio). 

There is surprisingly a lot of thought required for base design for such a purpose.

To answer your question - it sounds like you’d benefit from Airtables recent Interfaces feature - have you looked into them yet? They’ll allow you to browse and search your entered objects with relative ease. However, I have come up against search limitations within Interfaces, so not sure how much mileage you’ll get out of them.