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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi. I arranget items on grid by hand in the order i want them to be. Now i want to get this order as a formula, or get it programmably by some kind of api.
But api seems to return items from view always in the same order, no matter what changes in arrangement is made in view.
Is there any way to get current order of records in view?

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Hey you can use sort in the API for this - From the API Docs:

A list of sort objects that specifies how the records will be ordered. Each sort object must have a field key specifying the name of the field to sort on, and an optional direction key that is either "asc" or "desc" . The default direction is "asc" .

The sort parameter overrides the sorting of the view specified in the view parameter. If neither the sort nor the view parameter is included, the order of records is arbitrary.