Going crazy with linking records: Please help!

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Problem 1:
Here is the set-up we are currently designing.

I have Location Name linked to Clients (to keep up with work done for each location throughout the year)

More importantly - I really need to track Work Order #s. Problem is when I link this field to Clients I only have the option of the Client Name since Incoming Request is the first time this number is used.

I’ve thought about adding the Incoming Requests table to the Clients table but our client table is prepopulated with the address of each location and I cannot figure out the best way of doing this.

My going crazy moment is: How do I link, rollup, lookup, or whatever option I need to use to track this Work Order #. Ideally, I need to pull up a Work Order# and everything associated with that WO# populates. If I use the linked Location Name I get all the work for that location and not a particular WO.

Problem 2:
In my base, you see the workflow table. I have all the tasks and subtasks set up but cannot figure out how to link them to tasks dependent on the previous. We do not have a start or end date per task or project, as each project timeline can be different. We strive to get tasks completed in a certain timeframe, but these fall under ‘days’ NOT dates.

My going crazy moment is: Is there a way to automatically trigger these workflow steps without requiring us to manually input this data every time a new record is entered?

I’ve looked into hundreds of templates online but after hours and days of creating our system on a template I get stuck and start over. I’ve read all the tutorials, watched hundreds of online videos and I just don’t understand what I’m missing to understand this?
Thanks in advance to anyone that can assist me.

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