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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

I’m currently looking into how to build an image database that will allow for searching on Client, Director, Date, and Keywords. I’ll be taking image folders from past jobs on Dropbox and linking them to the base in order to allow for quick searching for relevant images.

I need help with the individual keywords, is there a way to have them in one column / field but have them independently searchable rather than just have the whole field light up when searched?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Anna_Magnin and welcome to the community!

What’s the problem with the whole field lighting up when searching?

Thanks for your response!

I just wanted to be able to search multiple tags at once.

I think I’ve solved my problem by setting my keyword column to multiple select and saving each word as a different tag, then using the search function to search multiple tags at once.

I’m copying and pasting from a spreadsheet I made before I got on AirTable, any advice on how to paste existing text and have them save as multiple tags?

Let me take a guess -

Imagine a field with a lot of content and the search system indicates a word exists inside that content. But, it’s not clear in what context or the rendering of the field conceals or obscures the actual word itself. This creates an ambiguity about the search experience.

@Anna_Magnin You might be thinking about a multi-select field, which lets you select multiple values for each record, and is built into the filtering function throughout Airtable for easy filtering.