How do add a picture to my table name

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’ve seen Airtable databases that have a little picture/ icon next to the name label for their table. How can I do this myself? Thanks!

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The little pictures are emoji. Just copy and paste your favorite emoji into the name.

Thanks kuovonne. How would I copy and paster my favorite emoji into the name? I can go into Rename, but it will it will not let me select past from my right click. Thanks again!

Copy the emoji from your preferred source (such as emojipedia) and paste the emoji as the first character in the name when you rename the base.

Okay so I know how to do that with the base name.

But how do I do that to a table name?

Sorry, I got confused and thought you were talking about the base name. However, it works the same with a table. Rename the table and paste in the emoji as the first character.

It is also possible that you are thinking of a different feature from me. Feel free to post a screen capture of what you want to do.