How to create a table that summarize the datas from an other table ? (conditional sum and factorisation)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I am trying to get my financials done with Airtable so I can have a nice play field to test Airtable in real world conditions.

I created a first table for the acquisition from my bank.
So I have many columns, but specially I created a formula to format the date into MM-YYYY (ex: 04-2022)
Then, in a new table, I would like, for each row (04-2022 ; 05-2022…etc) to sum all the expenses and incomes for that specific month.
I know I can create a link to cell everytime (by converting a formula MM-YYYY to a link to cell), but I want to create it automatically so I don’t have to manually link every item.

I would like to replicate dynamically this :

Here are my data table :

Thank you !

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Hmm, may I know what issues you faced when trying to use an automation for this?