Re: How to have users modify follow up dates on interactions records?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to implement a basic CRM database for a small sales team (contacts table + interactions table).

They ask me: “hey I have a follow up today but I want to push it off. How do I do that?”

I say: “Open the contacts grid view, search for the contact, look at the “Interactions” field, open the most recent interaction record, and modify it using the record inspection pop-up window.”

That’s a lot. Their eyes glaze over. Is there an easier way? A form? A script?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

One idea is to create an “update follow up” form that only contains contact name and follow up date. Then I can perform a lookup on the max follow up date, rather than use the follow up date tied to the most recent interaction date. The defect is that you can’t move follow up dates backwards. Also, this will create a bunch of messy records.

Is there a better solution?

Hi @Jon_Rubin, welcome to the community!

I think your best bet is to simply use Airtable’s built-in calendar view.

Give each salesperson their own calendar view based on the interactions table.

When the salesperson looks at their calendar, they’re only seeing their own interactions that they haven’t followed up with yet.

Then, if they want to delay a follow-up, they can just drag-and-drop the interaction to another date on the calendar.

The way to do this is to create a calendar view, and then filter the calendar based on 2 criteria:

(1) salesperson name


(2) Some field or some formula that you have determined to show which records still need to be followed up on. So you might need to add an extra field for this, and your salespeople will need to do data entry into this field. For example, maybe the salesperson checks off a checkbox when an interaction has been followed up on, or maybe the salesperson types in a completion date when an interaction has been followed up on. Whatever you decide on your end.