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How to "hide" a base view so its only viewable to specific collaborators within the workspace

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Hi everyone.

I have base A in Workspace 1 (which is premium). Base A has sensitive information that should only be viewed by specific individuals within the base. How do I set the settings to make only these specific individuals be able to see said base i.e hidden?

Alternatively, I will settle for making certain tables “hidden” from the view of everyone except said specific individuals.


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I’m quite new to airtable but have a couple of possible suggestions.

If you only want certain individuals to see the contents of a Base then just give permissions at the Base level to those you want to be able to see the Base, instead of at the Workspace level. ie not everyone needds to be a collaborator at the workspace level, they could be a collaborator at the base level.

Maybe what you’re looking for is more complicated than this? Could you create a View with hidden fields? Though it also depends on what (if anything) you want the different users to be able to edit.