How to sort average number when I group some concepts together?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I want to sort grouped fields by numbers but can’t find a solution. I am sending a video with an explanation. Anyone can help?


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Unfortunately, Airtable is an extremely limited platform, so unlike other database platforms, you can’t sort by the values that are displayed in Airtable’s summary bar. Airtable gives us no programmatic access to those summary numbers at all, which can be extremely frustrating.

The only way to workaround this problem would be to create a completely different table where you just list your creative concepts — one record per creative concept.

After that, you would create a linked record field where you would manually link each concept to all of its related records from your PRISM table.

Then, you would create a rollup field to give you the average of the “cost per conversion” field for each concept.

Then, you would sort this table by the average cost (your rollup field).

(I would also email to request that they give us programmatic access to the summary bar.)

Perhaps you should consider a broader approach. Imagine creating a few “count” fields as an intermediate stage to reaching the averages.


In the screenshot is an example showing how a Count field is used to conditionally include certain records in a summation. Since the counts can be fully based on criteria in the record, it has the same properties as you would apply when grouping.

Once you have the counts arrayed, I think the averages and other computations are simple final steps to get the aggregations you described in the video.