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4 - Data Explorer

Hi community,

I am using integromat to create Gslide presentations from Airtable data.

In each airtable record, I have elements like name, position, company and a picture from our student.

My scenario was working properly until recently, because there was an evolution regarding attachment URL behavior in Airtable.

Since, every element is "transferred" on the Gslide presentation, but not the picture.

I have created a field with a formula to mimic the old link (like: but it's not working.

The URL file starting by "v5..." isn't working either.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to download the file from a link (I haven't figured how to get a working link yet) on Gdrive, and get that file to add to my presentation. 

I'm new to no-code and I may not have the correct approach, and I'd love to learn more about that if some of you are willing to help.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the scenario I created and the result presentation I get (so no picture, but the link of the formula).

Thanks a lot,


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Just download from the expiring URL within the attachment field, not your formula:

Hey Scott!
I can't seem to understand how I can find the attachment's URL, I have read many posts but it's quite complicated for me to understand. Can you help me about that or point a post that could bring a solution?

Many thanks!

You’re overthinking it. This is already setup for you. Simply point to the attachment field… one of the field values to choose from is the expiring URL.

If you have more questions, post in that thread that I linked to, and be sure to post screenshots.