Is possible filter linked records?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Greeting ! Attached image explain the question, Thank for your support.

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Ad-hoc or on-the-fly filtering of the records shown in that listing isn’t possible, but you CAN control what’s shown there. Create a view in the linked table that filters records the way you want. Then back in the parent record, click the option Limit record selection to a view and select the filtered view.


I suggest, over in the linked record table, making a note in the description of the view to remind yourself that this view is used in that way (so you don’t delete it later by accident thinking it’s not important).

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I’ve also done something similar with a separate table, having only 1 record in that table, that I link to all my records that I want filtered. In this case, the 1 record would link to the table feeding Items Contrato. Then, I set conditions that work for me, like records that meet a certain criteria. The downside to the method is you would need to set up an additional criteria, either a filter on/off switch or a time based criteria so your filter is only looking at the last modified record. I would attach screenshots but there would be a lot. If interested, I can walk you through it.


Thanks a lot, but this is a partial solutions, the view must change every time that I make a order from other contract. Greetings.

Thanks a lot, is an interesting solution, I understand it, but it don’t work with differents contracts on at same time.

Yeah, sadly, as @WilliamPorterTech mentioned in his first post above, dynamic filtering of links is a gigantic missing feature from Airtable.

You can send an email to to request this feature, but in all the years I’ve worked with Airtable, I have never seen them implement a single customer feature request unless it comes from one of their largest enterprise customers.

You may want to consider upgrading from Airtable to FileMaker, which natively supports this feature because it is built directly into their product. Unfortunately, I am no longer taking on any new FileMaker projects because I have transitioned my company away from FileMaker consulting to Airtable consulting. However, if you contact me through my Airtable consulting website, I can refer you to some great FileMaker developers.

Alternatively, there are 2 portal tools that offer this functionality: and Fillout.

In the meantime, though, there is a very clunky workaround to do what you want to do in Airtable, but it’s extremely complicated to setup and it has many limitations. For example, it can only be used with a one-person Airtable team, not multiple users:

TL;DR version: Airtable’s recently added capability to limit linked-record selection to a specific view allows users to incorporate, to a degree, conditional logic. The specifics: ‘Conditional logic’ can mean a lot of things: Any use of an IF() or SWITCH() statement is a form of conditional logic. Here, I’m using it in what’s become an increasingly common manner: to mean the limiting of available options based on an earlier choice. For example, take a look at the following diagram. [Condition…

Hi! I'm running into this same issue... tried this solution but noticed that while it works upon set up, if you change the linked records status (for example) and it no longer meets the filter requirements for that view... it stays linked. Any tips? 

For my workflow i'm linking task records to project records and I want them to unlink when complete.