Kanban not finding collaborator field?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi folks. I am trying to create a Kanban view of a table that has x1 single select field and x1 collaborator field. I want to make the Kanban on the collaborator field but when I create it, it only finds the single select field and ask me if I want to create a new single select or collaborator field. Any thoughts welcome! Thanks.

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Is the collaborator field an actual collaborator field, or is it a lookup of collaborators from another table?

Thanks, it is an actual collaborator field

Could you post some screenshots of what you see when you try to set this up?

Hi, sorry for the delay. Please see these screenshots. Thanks for your help!

Screenshot (140)_LI|700x393 Screenshot (141)_LI

Apologies again for the delay. We’ve been moving the past several days. Everything looks good as far as I can see. I recommend contacting Airtable Support directly. I’m not sure what could be causing the problem, but they can definitely dig more deeply.