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5 - Automation Enthusiast

sorry new user

I want to create a conversation database

one table person
one table topics

I am struggling with allow linking to multiple records or not.

If don’t multi-link records, I don’t get the “link to a record in topics table” option…

I would have to leave the person table and switch to topics table and enter the new note and select the appropriate person to link the note.

then I I go back to the person table, the new not is listed with all prior notes…

if I use the multi-link reconds options, I have to click on “link to a record in topics table” take me to the notes table and I can create a new note… very smooth…BUT

the problem is not only can I create a new note, but I can also link to any note in that table that hasn’t been link to a specific person’s name before. there are a lot of records in this table… I would like to have just the ability to create a new note, not pick a prior note that is link to a different person.

Does this make sense?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Not sure whether you are still in it.

I assume the topic table / person table is not a problem?
I think you probably need to multi-link the [topic] to the [person].
And the problem is ‘Note’, which I assume another one that you need to somehow link?
My question is, is the "Note’ going to be attached to [person] or [table] ?

As you might have already found out, linking can only be done manually (or so according to the knowledge that I got from lurking. Though I am not an expert in airtable yet). So if you need to manually link everything, yes I assume that it will be tedious work.

But if my understanding is correct, you want the ‘Note’ to be somewhat ‘standardized’ right? else it wouldn’t make sense to have it on separate table. (I mean, you can select a certain type of ‘Note’ and then all the Person / Conversation on it to be displayed).

My suggestion is to just use Filters and generate views for it. Or do the ‘Grouping’.
It might be a simple solution to what you are looking for. Or may not.

I, too, struggle a lot at first to link 3 items at once. I circumvent it by just linking 2 things (just like your ‘person’ and ‘table’), add another field (probably for your notes? In this field I use multiple select link), and just generate a View using combination of Group and filter.

Hope it helps.