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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

As you can see in the attached file, I want to Create a link between anchor campaigns and other campaigns from the same column. Anchor campaigns are the “major” campaigns happening throughout the year and all other campaign types are “subcampaigns”.  I want to link all the subcampaigns according to their start and end date with the Major Anchor campaigns. Please let me know how I can achieve this?

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Unfortunately, the 'Find record' action doesn't support dynamic data for dates, that is to say, we won't be able to do a "If [X DATE] is between [Y DATE] and [Z DATE]", and so your best bet's probably a script

If you change the way your table's set up so that you have two tables, one for anchor campaigns and one for subcampaigns, you could attempt to do this with an automation but the setup is pretty complicated I'm afraid

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

To @Abhi_18 ,

First of all Set Up Your Table and  Create a Linked Record Field. Then Create a Formula to Identify Anchor Campaigns and Use a Script to Automate the Linking. Then Try to Manually Linking Records (if not using scripting). 

By setting up a linked record field and using a formula or script, you can efficiently link subcampaigns to anchor campaigns in Airtable based on their start and end dates. The script provided can automate this process, making it easier to manage and maintain your campaign relationships.

Best Regards,

Hey @jeannette9728mi  thanks for your answer. Could you please also provide the script? That would be really helpful, thanks.