Linking todo's across different tables

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey guys,

I’ve built a personal CRM which I use to manage fundraising, hiring and key partnerships.

I have the following (here relevant) tables: contacts, todos, contact interactions, pipelines, notes.

When logging an interaction, I like to leave my notes and follow up tasks (2 different columns/ tables) directly in the ‘contact interactions’ table. However, they are then tied to the interaction, and not the contact. So whenever I click a contact before a meeting with them, I can not see previous notes nor my tasks related to them. The best workaround I found is clicking on the contact directly and leaving the task there, but that is somewhat clunky.

Is there a formula/ script to ‘pull through’ certain data (having a field that writes on the contact table, but is visible in the interactions table, if it makes sense)?

I have the same problem on multiple fronts, so if anyone knew a solution to this, it would be awesome :raised_hands:


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Have you tried using Lookup fields in your [Contacts] table that look at its connection to [Interactions] and pulls in those linked interactions's linked tasks?

Hey Kamille! Thanks for your quick answer. I’ve done that, but then I wouldnt be able to fill in todo’s directly in the contacts table? And in my ToDo’s table, I’d need to link an interaction, instead of a contact directly, which would create some conflict?