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4 - Data Explorer


I’m an Airtable noob and have worked through the tutorials and have started building a database made up of 3 tables, Area, Compound and Assets and Structures.

I have managed to make compounds link to the Area table, i.e. the parent, and Assets and Structures to the Compound table, their parent.

I can’t seem to link the Assets and Structures to the Area ultimate parent table, which shows the headline information; think linear infrastructure project.

Whenever I add a link, it always ends up with two fields being added, where I only ended up with the single field for the Area/Compound and Compound/Asset relationship.

I know I’m doing something obviously wrong, but I’m burning a lot of time going round in circles and need to add other tables which need to link through at respective levels back to the main Area table.

Area to Compound link working:


Compound to Area (CFA) and Asset working:

Asset to Compounds working:

Assets to Area (main table) not working!! :grimacing: and showing two fields (columns) when I only want the one!!

Thanks for your help. Frustrated in Kent!

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